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Customized Apparel: Dream up your very own sayings and we will print it ---   Please look in  "Sample & Price List" for shirt measurements, design layout and pricing information.  Refer to our Sales Policy before placing an order. Place your order using our secure checkout or call our order dept. toll free at 1-877-WEB-TEES  

   Select shirt size and color.  Type in the words you want printed on the shirt in the box provided.  Click on "Buy Now" .  Words will be printed in Arial font unless specified otherwise .  You can specify font type in Message section during Checkout.  Lettering only available in Black. 

Select your size: Color:
Your Customized Saying

Select your size: Color:
Customized Saying:

Just a few samples to give you some ideas

   If it ain't blown it sucks                 Big Hollywood Producer          Police           

      Bad Ass !!                                          Wet T-shirt                                  A.A.R.P   

      Daddy's  Girl                                      Mommy's Boy                            Italian

      Ready To Perform                            Studeatude                                 Irish

     Hit Squad                                             Beauty Queen                          Bowtie

     Real Men don't  wear Bow Ties      Their all paid for                   Their All Mine

     These are Real                                   Real   Breast                            Bad Kid

     Good Kid                                              Security                                    P.O.W.

     Alcoholics Unanimous                     My Shirt                                    N.Y.C.P.D.

     I Love My Car                                    My Car Loves me                  Your Name

     Tax Payer                                            I'm Easy                                  The Best

    I'm not easy but I can be had           Pregnant Woman inside      One in the oven

   I can't believe I ate the whole thing     Italian Stallion                   Whatever                   

   I can't believe she ate the whole thing

   Save the Earth It's the only Planet with   " (Your choice of what you want here)"

  I'm in the witness protection program