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Street Lethal AMX T-shirt CC028 Design                                                

                                                cc028 SL 68-69 AMX

Select your size: Color: Add a Crest Design for $3 more:
Select your size: Color: Add a Crest Design for $3 more:
Select your size: Color: Add a Crest Design for $3 more:

cch012 cch013 cch051 cch056 cch057

Note: Any Design number with an "h" in the prefix is a Crest size (Small) Design. 
Full size design is printed on front of the t-shirt when ordered without a crest design.  Exception: Full design on kids hooded sweatshirt will be printed on the back.
Full size design with a crest design -- the full size design is printed on the back of the t-shirt and the crest design is on the front of the t-shirt. 

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